Asnate Kažoka


Asnate Kažoka is a policy and project expert for the Quality Agency for Higher Education, a structural unit of the Academic Information Centre. She is responsible for drafting internal and external regulations, coordinating assessment procedures and different development activities, coordinating projects and representing the agency externally. She holds a master degree in Information Technology Project Management from the Riga Technical University. Asnate has worked for the Academic Information Centre since 2015. She has previously held positions in central administration of the University of Latvia, the Council of Higher Education, and the State Education Development Agency.  She was a member of the Executive Board for the previous Latvian quality assurance agency - Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre (HEQEC). Asnate has extensive experience in student representation in the matters related to higher education.  She was the Academic Affairs Officer for the Student Union of Latvia between 2010 and 2012 and responsible for the Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance for the European Students' Union between 2013 and 2016.  Asnate has been involved in higher education policy development processes and in quality assurance of higher education at the institutional, national and European level since 2010.